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Our jobs are a big part of our lives. Fair treatment at the workplace and the ability to do one’s work free of harassment and discrimination are fundamental to both a just society, as well as to personal fulfillment and peace of mind. The law—at both the federal level in Washington D.C., and the state level in Albany—provides a wide range of protections to employees. Brown Kwon & Lam exists as a New York City employment law firm to make sure those protections are properly provided for real people in the real world. 

Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination can cover everything from the initial hiring process to the ability to earn promotions. The basic tenet of civil rights law in the United States is that a person’s race, national origin, religion, and gender, should never influence a person’s ability to get a job, a raise, a promotion, or any other work-related benefit. Those protections have been gradually expanded and now include a ban on discrimination based on age, disability, and sexual orientation. 

Furthermore, female employees may not be penalized for being pregnant, with protections that include the right to reasonable rest breaks. In the state of New York, legal protection is given to those who may have been convicted of a crime in their past. 

Our experienced attorneys can work with clients to help gather the proof they need of discriminatory behavior and to seek appropriate damages. 

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Sexual Harassment

Everyone has legal protections, granted both federally, and strengthened in the state of New York as recently as 2019, against sexual harassment in the workplace. Harassing behavior can include blunt actions, such as lewd comments, the sending of offensive pictures or videos, and other overt, direct behavior. Harassment can also include more seemingly subtle actions, which might include a pattern of behavior on inappropriate comments. 

Whatever the harassment you’re suffering, call Brown Kwon & Lam at (212) 295-5828 or fill out our online contact formYou tell us what’s happening to you. We’ll advise you on how we might help you fix it.

Workplace Violations

Employment often comes with different contracts and agreements to sign. This can include basic contracts outlining pay and other compensation. Or it might be a non-compete agreement that can govern an employee’s actions for a period of time after they leave the company. 

Whatever agreement you’re being asked to sign, it’s a good idea to have it subjected to lawyerly review. Our attorneys can help, and we can help protect you from any workplace violation of your rights, or of the agreements that your employer has committed themselves to. 

Wage & Hour Violations

A violation of the right to be paid for one’s time goes right to the very purpose of employment, and it should not be tolerated. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a subtle violation, like having employees work through meal and rest breaks, or if it’s an overt offense, like not issuing paychecks in a timely manner. A person that puts in the time deserves to get paid, and we’re here to help with wage and hour violations that people suffer from. 

Fighting for the Results You Deserve

Brown Kwon & Lam believes that everyone should be able to work with legal counsel that is accessible, professional, and reliable. Everyone’s case is important, and our New York City employment law firm gives clients diligent, detail-oriented work combined with vigorous advocacy. 

Call us today for help with your case. We’re available by phone at (212) 295-5828 or right here online.

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