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At Brown Kwon & Lam, we understand the importance of accessibility and equal treatment for individuals with disabilities. We specialize in providing comprehensive legal services related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance in New York City. Our experienced New York City ADA lawyers are dedicated to assisting businesses in navigating the complexities of ADA regulations.

With years of experience, our skilled attorneys have in-depth knowledge of ADA laws and regulations specific to New York City. We stay updated with the latest developments, ensuring that our clients receive accurate and effective legal counsel tailored to their unique needs.

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We offer a range of services related to ADA compliance, including:

  1. Compliance Assessment: We evaluate your business premises, policies, and practices to identify areas that may require modifications for ADA compliance.
  2. Policy Review: We review your existing policies and procedures to ensure they align with ADA requirements, providing guidance on necessary adjustments.
  3. Reasonable Accommodations: Our lawyers advise on the implementation of reasonable accommodations for employees and customers with disabilities, promoting inclusivity and accessibility.
  4. Defense against Lawsuits: In the event of an ADA-related lawsuit, we provide strong defense, aiming to protect your business interests and resolve the matter efficiently.
  5. Compliance Training: We offer training sessions to educate your staff on ADA regulations, fostering a culture of awareness and compliance within your organization.

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At Brown Kwon & Lam we prioritize our clients' success and strive to build lasting relationships. We take the time to understand your business and specific compliance needs, providing personalized solutions and guidance every step of the way.

Our ADA lawyers bring a wealth of experience, helping businesses achieve and maintain ADA compliance. With a deep understanding of New York City's ADA laws, we offer accurate advice and tailored solutions to meet your unique compliance needs. Our focus is on delivering results, minimizing legal risks, and safeguarding your business interests.

Call our New York City ADA lawyers today at (212) 295-5828 or reach out online for a consultation. 


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