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As an employee in New York City, you work hard for your wages, and you deserve to be fairly compensated. But when your employer pays you less than minimum wage, you cannot let them get away with it. At Brown Kwon & Lam, we will work aggressively to fight for your rights.

Being paid less than the minimum wage is illegal

You have a legal right to be paid the proper wage for every hour that you work. If your employer fails to do so, they are breaking wage and hour laws. Under the New York State Department of Labor, the minimum wage is $15 per hour for all size businesses in New York City. In Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties, it is $13 per hour while in the remainder of the state, it is $11.80 per hour.

If you are a tipped employee, your wages will differ from those listed above, however, you still have a right to just compensation. If your tips do not bring you to at least the minimum wage, your rights are being infringed upon.

Penalties for Paying Less Than Minimum Wage

If you are not receiving the correct wages, you are entitled to unpaid wages from your employer. As a basic formula, unpaid wages can be calculated by taking the difference between your hourly rate and the minimum wage, then multiply that amount by the number of hours worked.

However, if you work in an industry where you receive tips, the formula becomes a bit more complicated.

In addition to your unpaid wages, you may also be able to collect:

What are the limitations of a wage claim in New York?

If you have a wage and hour violation, you need to act quickly to ensure you can seek compensation. Within the Department of Labor, there are no strict deadlines on filing a claim, however, the Department has only six years to bring legal action on your behalf.

Though six years seems like a long time, the reality is that nuance in your case may put you on a shorter timeline, meaning you need to act quickly.

As an employee in New York City, you have a right to earn the correct wages. If your employer has failed to pay you the minimum wage, contact Brown Kown & Lam, LLP today.

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